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Manufacturing Gains in July, But a Weak Month for Construction and Mining

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Jobs in the blue collar sectors of construction, manufacturing, and mining and logging increased by 15,000 in July, but in a surprise twist, that growth was mostly in manufacturing, not construction. Job growth was primarily in the South and West, with the addition of 12,400 and 8,300 blue collar jobs, respectively. The Northeast only added […]

Manufacturing Rebounds in June, But Slump Persists in the Northeast

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Construction, manufacturing and mining and logging added 37,000 jobs in June, a rebound from mediocre May numbers. The May jobs numbers were actually revised upward, from 8,000 to 11,000, with the gains split between construction and mining and logging. In what is a pattern over the past several months, increases in June were heavily concentrated […]

Little to No Growth in Mining and Logging and Manufacturing as Slump Continues into April

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Employment in construction, manufacturing, and mining and logging increased by 34,000 jobs in April, which sounds positive until you separate the data by sector. Growth in the last month was driven largely by construction, with manufacturing growth falling short for the third month in a row and mining and logging seeing a decrease of 3,000 […]